How Video Advertising on Google SERP Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

The right way to think about SEO is to forget the silver bullets and let us all focus on giving and doing quality with products and services offered. Nowadays, let us all focus in on video SEO and discussing how you can truly make an impact on your ranking by using this.

There’s no point to being found if you don’t provide a fabulous experience when your audience arrives. Let us all check out this checklist as you are about to plan or review you video SEO strategy for Google SERP:

1. Using Videos to Solve Problems and in Providing New Information

You need to provide great content that can really solves problems or even provides new information in order for you to get your videos rank well for your search terms. The good news is that great content usually isn’t difficult or expensive to produce.

2. Videos Easy to Browse and Link to Individual Video Playback Pages for Business Purpose

When making videos for business, you need to group together your video assets and then create a user-friendly video resource center on where you and your viewers can easily search your content online. Avoid the endless stream of video players on a single page. You’ve invested in your video content, so don’t let a poor video experience take away from that.

3. Connect with Your Viewers by Using Interactive Video Elements

There is an opportunity that you can use to call that person to action or you can even guide them to the next logical step for ever video that someone or your customers would watch. Interactive video elements like in-video links, quizzes, surveys, and forms enable you to intercept your viewers at key moments and drive action. Stick to the basics and embrace common sense when it comes to the technical side of video SEO.

4. Use for Relevant Metadata and Smart Content Organization

You need to make sure that you talked about how she uses rich metadata and smart content organization to get the most from their video resource library.

5. The Power and Use of Transcriptions for Indexing, Usability and Content for your Google Marketing

Transcriptions can have a major impact on your search rankings. The main goal of it is that to see if a transcript could take a video that was not ranking and get it ranked online. Transcriptions give your viewers the option to “read” a video if they can’t listen at the time, while providing the keyword richness a search engine needs. Transcriptions are also very useful in creating additional content from your videos.

6. Make Sure your Keywords Used Impact the Bottom Line of your Strategies

This is not the very least you can do but it will always start with the end in mind. As you plan out your video SEO strategy, don’t forget to implement a tracking system to capture the success of your new strategy.

Would you like to add anything from our top list? Tell us what has worked for you in the past with your video advertising? Comment it now below!

How to Have a Fantastic Instagram and Pinterest Marketing Advantage for Your Business

When you to build a great social media marketing strategy nowadays, it is essential that you need to build brand affinity and online audience loyalty first. There is a continual thirst for visual sharing of photos and short videos on all social media channels.

Two main channels that will help you create brand awareness and attract customers online are Instagram and Pinterest. They are the two great brand ambassadors and even attract new leads to your shopping website using the power of visual content and through communicating the personality of your brand and endorsing it to the world. To leverage Instagram and Pinterest to your advantage, it all begins with understanding your target audience needs, mindset and market trends.

Let’s start with a few basics in understanding and taking Instagram and Pinterest as an advantage for your business:

  1. Hashtags – when you want to use Instagram for visual use for your business, you need to also consider that the social media network is more conversational than Pinterest because of the hashtags. They highly encouraged each user to increase the chances of their posts or contents being found by the right audiences or to all their friends with it. If you put four or eight hashtags for each post, it will definitely be seen by your target audience and it will work best.
  2. Updated posts – if you want more followers or be noticed by your target audiences, of course you need to engage regularly with your followers and so. With that said, you need to post one or two times a day for best results. If you have less time posting or updating your Instagram and Pinterest, there are different tools that can help you discover the best times of day depending on your audience’s time zones. It will help you understand the likelihood of being online and updated.
  3. Global presence – you need to bear in your mind that there are many highly engaged customers that are outside U.S and Europe in which you can also open new engagement as well as opportunities while you are expanding brand reach to other global markets under your niche.
  4. High quality – challenging your marketing strategies means that you should also consider every details of it. With Instagram and Pinterest, both are of high quality images and videos. It is really important on both social media networks because it is their advantage when you want to increase the chances of sharing and responding in both the target audiences and with the public. You can find helpful image editing tools online life Canva and PicMonkey that are absolutely free for you to use.
  5. Share relevant and inspirational quotations and content all the time – in joining Instagram and Pinterest, you need to be inspiring and valuable. People are active online because they want to search for and share positive, relevant tips and uplifting content that they can relate to it.

Which one of these tips you use or planning to use this time? If your goal is to generate leads and traffic to your website, you can focus on Pinterest more. If your goal is more on engagement with your audience, then Instagram is best for you for a more conversational feel. For both, pay attention to the unique characteristics, audience dynamics, and resources needed for each channel, and post only messages that are relevant to your audiences and your core brand values.

Fully Utilize Social Media To Enhance Your Business

What is Social Media Marketing? Do you update and use social media for your business too?

For small and big businesses out there, social media for marketing can help make and reach to more customers all the time. Today, more and more customers are interacting with brands through social media. So when you have a strong social media marketing plan and presence on the internet, you need to tap into their interest instantly. Marketing with social media can bring remarkable success to your business when you implement it correctly and directly.
Here are the things you need to know about social media for your marketing strategies:

1. Learn social media marketing basics first

You need to educate and guide yourself with the basic overview on how to use social media for marketing. This will serve as your basic manual for everything that you want to know first about social media for marketing.

2. Create social media marketing campaigns


This is the first thing you need to do so that you can consider your business’ goals. When you start social media marketing campaign without a social strategy in mind is like social suicide. You will surely end up losing everything that you have done from the start.

3. Create social media marketing plans about your business goals

Things like what are you hoping to achieve through social media marketing and who is your target audience. These are the things you need to put on consideration when you create a social media marketing plan.

4. Developing your business and personal goals with social media for marketing

Goals such as website traffic, conversions, brand awareness, creating brand identity and positive brand association as well as communication and interaction with key audiences are some of the goals you need to put in your mind all the time.

Aside from the above mentioned things you need to consider when doing social media for marketing, we have put together a brief overview on how you can use properly the social media for marketing according to each platform’s unique environment. See them below:

Facebook – we all know that this social media giant build their name through casual, friendly environment that requires and active social media marketing strategy. It all begins when you create a

Facebook Business Fan Page – Social media marketing for business pages revolves around furthering your conversation with audiences by posting industry-related articles, images, videos, etc. Aside from that, Facebook has been the place where people can relax, chat with friends and be in the conversation where anyone is free to express their thoughts so you need to always remember to keep your tone light and friendly as always.

Twitter – like Facebook, this one is really useful social media network for marketing your business as well. It lets you broadcast your updates across the web which is a very useful social media marketing tool. Be sure to retweet when a customer has something nice to say about you, and don’t forget answer people’s questions when possible. When you are using Twitter as a social media marketing tool, you need to remember that it revolves around dialog and communication so always make sure that you interact as much as possible.

Using social media in marketing does more than improve site traffic and help businesses reach more customers; it provides a valuable venue for better understanding and learning from your target audiences. We hope that these tips help you with you marketing strategies this time. Comment below if you have your ideas that you would like to add about social media for marketing.

Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing

This time, it is really important that you get to choose a marketing channel that will make sure that you will offer the best results with the most prudent resources especially if you are a new business in the marketing industry. To help their businesses and brands increase their reach, sales and expand their professional network, they are considering or preferred to do social marketing to other marketing channels particularly the small businesses nowadays.

In order for you to know more about social media and how it can help you promote your business while you are busy saving valuable time and resources for your business, here are everything you need to know about it:

1. Use the power of social media marketing to sell your offered products or services to customers

Before, social media is made to connect with loved ones from here and everywhere and enjoying all the related features of it. Now, with the selling relationship for businesses are all about listening to customers’ opinions, helping them solve problems and make the sale. With the rise of social selling all over the world, the opportunity to connect with potential customers has got much easier with social media monitoring and social median engagement tactics that are proven effective for big and small businesses.

2. Social media can help improve your customer relationships

There are large social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and others that help you and your business to improve your customer relationships from time to time. Once you interact with them on social media, there is now reason for companies not to be on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn these days. The key to finding success on social media is to be on the social network your customers are on. With that, building and improving customer relationships online is manageable even with a small team.

3. Marketing using social media can help increase your reach

When you do Facebook and Twitter advertising, there is possibilities for companies to increase their reach through targeted ads and sponsored messaging. Today, social media marketing provides businesses with an opportunity to reach customers across the world and it separates our thoughts about doing traditional advertising just like before.

4. Social media network like LinkedIn business page can help expand your professional network

LinkedIn, just like Facebook and Twitter, are now considered one of the most important social networks because all businesses, whether they are big or small, should have a presence in it. LinkedIn allows businesses to provide authenticity and credibility of their brand through a business page that houses information covering the bases of who, what, and where of your business.

5. Aside from LinkedIn, Facebook Page can also help you improve your business’s customer support

With social media networks like Facebook, you are the one that are provided with an outlet that you can effectively solve customer problems. Before, providing customer support can be expensive and time-consuming but with Facebook Page, you can now send private messages to customers and can connect directly to companies if and when they have a problem or feedback.

What are your thoughts about our social media marketing ideas? Comment it below now!